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Tree Planting for companies and organisations

The Heart of England Forest Project offers our corporate supporters the ability to create new woodlands in accessible locations, to name a woodland, and to host corporate or public relations events within the forest.

We can even arrange for your employees or customers to help plant the trees.

We are happy to host community or educational days and we have our own on-site educational centre with the facilities to ensure highly successful events.

Tree planting works particularly well as part of a Social Responsibility programme, as a team building initiative, or as a marketing tool. In addition, by supporting The Heart of England Forest, your company or organisation can demonstrate its commitment to improving the quality of life for the wider community in the UK.

We would be happy to discuss your ideas, woodland projects or marketing plans with you. For nearly every company or organisation, planting trees makes sense.

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For further information about donating to the Heart of England Forest Project, please read our Terms and Conditions

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For Individuals, Families and Friends

Have you ever dreamt of creating a brand new wood or copse from scratch? A woodland that will exist for hundreds of years – protected and nurtured well beyond your own lifetime? We can help deliver that dream and help you to leave a beautiful and lasting legacy to the world.

The Heart of England Forest Project can help you to create a woodland to celebrate the birth of a child, commemorate a wedding, as a memorial to mark the passing of a friend or loved one, or simply as a living legacy for yourself.

In the near future, we also hope to be able to provide green burial sites in family ‘Glades of Remembrance’, where relatives can choose which trees they would like planted next to their loved ones.

Lastly, a donation of just £10 will pay for the planting, nurturing and maintenance of a healthy sapling in The Heart of England Forest for generations to come.

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