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Only natural - farming the Forest way.

We farm organically in the Forest, looking after the land, livestock and wildlife. Find out more about how we farm.

Sculpture Garden Events & More

Garden of Heroes & Villains fundraisers, Summer Guided Walks, Woofs in the Woodlands Dog Walk and more.

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Summer visitors take flight

It’s time to bid goodbye to our fair-weather feathered visitors such as this cuckoo as they begin their gruelling return journey to central Africa.

Throwing the ‘spot’light on loveable ladybirds

The seven-spot ladybird is one of 46 species to occur in the UK. How many have you seen in the Heart of England Forest?

Everybody needs good neighbours…

This year’s Riverside Revelry organised by Barton villagers was held to raise funds for local charities including the Heart of England Forest.

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