July 2015 - The Heart of England Forest

The ancient art of coppicing

Whether it’s an ancient woodland or your own back garden, coppicing will bring light, variety and encourage a wonderful mix of wildlife.

Coppicing is an ancient woodland management process. It started back in Neolithic times as a way of gathering a regular, sustainable wood harvest.

A powerful partnership

Butterflies, beetles, bugs… and electricity pylons?

Haydon Way Wood is an area of the Heart of England Forest with some very specific ground rules. It sits under major electricity power lines, operated by the National Grid, so there are strict height limits for planting schemes.

Outdoor investments

The Phoenix Group have been benefitting from our corporate sponsorship and corporate social responsibility programmes – almost as much as the forest has!

Volunteers play a vital role in helping your forest grow, and corporate sponsorships are a great way of getting the support of local companies – and offering their staff invaluable ‘team-building’ time in the great outdoors.

Open Day at the Garden of Heroes and Villains

On Saturday, 1st August come and visit the Garden of Heroes & Villains, a private garden in Dorsington near Stratford-upon-Avon. It features a unique collection of over 50 life-sized bronze sculptures, created by some of the world’s finest portrait sculptors. The garden was comissioned by the late Felix Dennis, founder of The Heart of England Forest.

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