August 2015 - The Heart of England Forest

Forest Warden

Meet the forest guardians: volunteer warden Craig Hunt

I’ve been working in the forest since April – but walking through it for much longer! As I already walked the newly planted fields with my collie, and had the time and energy to contribute to the good work going on, it seemed logical to volunteer.

Outdoor pursuits

Like anything else in the natural world, trees are happiest and healthiest in an environment that suits them. Over thousands of years, each species adapts to the soil type and weather conditions of its local environment, and it’s this balance that then ensures a woodland can grow and thrive.

A welcome invasion

Over the past few months, some very exciting new residents have been spotted in the Heart of England Forest. The Silver-washed Fritillary, Holly Blue, White-letter Hairstreak and the male Purple Emperor butterflies have all been seen for the first time – a clear sign that the woodlands are continuing to attract more than just human interest!

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