October 2015 - The Heart of England Forest

Trees for Trees: Plant a forest in a day with a click, a tap or a tweet…

Did you know that England has one of the lowest levels of tree cover anywhere in Europe?

That’s why the Heart of England Forest has teamed up with Dennis publishing to help change the face of our nation and roll back the decline!

But we also need your help – You can get England growing again with a tweet, a post or an email. Planting a tree has never been so easy!

Stepping out to give the forest a healthy boost

Medical experts recommend that people should walk, on average, 10,000 steps per day to significantly benefit their health.

Well, a recent event in the Heart of England Forest saw over 250 avid walkers and runners exceed that advice by some distance in the inaugural “Heart of England Forest Marathon”, the northern section of which took in large parts of our burgeoning woodland.

Laying low for the winter

Who can blame animals that hibernate through the winter, avoiding the frosty nights and cold, damp days, when food is scarce and times are hard? Hibernation is defined as ‘passing the winter in a resting state in which heartbeat, temperature and breathing rate are very low’. Naturally this conserves resources of energy and thus reduces the need for food.

Contrary to popular belief, though, there are only three British mammals that truly hibernate.

The fun of fungi

Mushroom or fungus-spotting can add enchantment to your woodland walk and once you start looking, you’ll see they can be found almost everywhere, especially at this time of year as many mushrooms appear after rain. The moist conditions quickly trigger the fruiting process which is why they seem to pop up overnight!

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