January 2016 - The Heart of England Forest

Sharing Success

At the Heart of England Forest, we are always looking for ways to make your woodland adventures more enjoyable and exciting.

During meetings facilitated by the Forestry Commission, we recently shared ideas with the woodland teams at Epping Forest and the New Forest, hoping to make your next visit to the forest even more memorable.

Welcoming our winter visitors

In winter, the forest is home to scores of birds that fly south to escape the snow and ice that covers their feeding grounds in the frozen north.

Enticed by the plentiful seeds, berries and insects, a variety of different species, including many less well-known members of the finch family such as Bramblings and Redpolls, join Thrushes, Fieldfares, Swans and Geese.

Seeking out the Spindle

One of the great joys of roaming around the Heart of England Forest is spotting the little treasures scattered throughout. One delight that looks particularly lovely at this time of year is the Spindle Tree – so called because its hard timber was often used to make spindles for holding wool during the spinning process.

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