February 2016 - The Heart of England Forest

Why we love trees: forests and flooding

It goes without saying that, at the Heart of England Forest, we love trees! After all, we’ve planted over 1.4 million of them and are aiming to plant many, many more. Trees really are quite amazing, helping to keep wildlife, our planet and all of us healthy and happy in a huge number of ways…

The app that plants trees… The Heart of England Forest partners with Tengi

Here in the forest, we love a good chin-wag! With the advent of Smartphones even our foresters have taken to sending a quick text, tweeting snaps of their handiwork and commenting under posts on Facebook.

The new player in the world of chat is called Tengi, an app that rewards users by entering them into weekly draws for cash prizes. The company shares half of their revenues with their 50,000 users, as they chat away to their friends and family.

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