July 2016 - The Heart of England Forest

Volunteers – giving the ‘x-tra’ factor

Many factors contribute to the smooth running of your Heart of England forest, but none more so than the essential work of our fantastic volunteers. We caught up with our Volunteer Coordinator, Tom Smith, and his happy band of helpers to find out what they’ve been up to recently

Why we love trees – the nitrogen cycle

Nitrogen is one of the most important elements on Earth, essential for the survival of all ecosystems, but it depends on a number of things to combine and make it useable. Among these, one is our favourite- trees!

Ash dieback – new hope for the future

When Ash Dieback was discovered in Britain four years ago, the future for the country’s Ash trees looked grim and, with over 200,000 planted in the Heart of England Forest, it seemed that their very survival was in peril. Now, though, there is new hope as scientists strive to halt it in its tracks.

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