September 2016 - The Heart of England Forest

Helping cast seeds far and wide

We’ve all blown the fluffy seeds off a dandelion stalk, and many species rely on the blustery wind to carry their seeds to a new location. However, it’s the local wildlife that provides the most intriguing methods of transportation.

Vauxhall: 20% by 2020

See how our long term supporter, Vauxhall, have extended their support in helping drive our forest’s growth forwards towards our long term goal of an unbroken 30,000 acre forest.

Start making scents!

A walk in the woods can stimulate almost all the senses, but perhaps the wonderful scents created by nature are the most evocative. Have you ever thought of recreating some of those beautifully fresh fragrances at home? Just think what a great Christmas gift a bath oil or perfume made of natural ingredients could make.

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