June 2017 - The Heart of England Forest

Phoenix Group’s Way to Wellbeing

Phoenix Group support the financial, physical and mental wellbeing of their key stakeholders, staff and local communities. Find out more about their Corporate Responsibility Strategy and the emphasis it places on wellbeing.

See you later pollinator

In the UK there are 1,500 species of insect pollinator. The best known are bees and wasps but flies, butterflies, moths and even some beetles are pollinators too. Find out about a few of the more colourful species and the wildflowers they love so much.

The riches of ragwort

Ragwort, with its spray of golden-petalled flowers, attracts no less than 77 insect species and 30 of these use it at their sole food source. There are 3 species of ragwort found in the Heart of England Forest where it is responsibly managed.

Summer’s no holiday for our valued volunteers!

Summer’s no holiday for our valued volunteers! There are a wide variety of tasks to do from nurturing tree seedlings, helping at events or getting involved with wildlife surveying. Our team of volunteers is steadily growing and we’d love to hear from you if you would like to get involved.

The Heart of England Forest