Four reasons to support the Heart of England - The Heart of England Forest

Four reasons to support the Heart of England Forest

You can make a difference

This unique project needs your support for four exciting reasons:

  1. The forest is being planted for you and for our native wildlife – not for timber production. The woodland will be preserved for generations to come!
  2. The woodland is planted to leave lots of pasture, glades, wide pathways, ponds and wetlands. The aim is to avoid a dark, dense, inaccessible forest. This forest will be a natural woodland, full of light and air.
  3. We want everyone to enjoy the forest. And we have waymarked routes so you can enjoy walking around the woodlands, while protecting the Sites of Special Scientific Interest and habitats for endangered species.
  4. The forest will create a continuous woodland across the heart of England. Parts of it will be wide and deep, parts just a thin ribbon of woodland between farmland. But as a ‘joined-up’ forest, it will also provide safe, green corridors for wildlife.

 Help us protect, nurture and grow this amazing vision by donating today and planting your own tree for the future.

The Heart of England Forest