The seeds of your forest - The Heart of England Forest

The seed of an idea

How your new forest began

The original vision for the Heart of England Forest came from local landowner Felix Dennis. He wanted to bring back trees to the local landscape with a native forest – to plant a ‘joined-up’ woodland that would provide vital green corridors for wildlife, as well as a light and airy place for everyone to walk and enjoy.

In 1996, he planted his first small wood near his home in Dorsington, Warwickshire. Then, in 2003, the charity was born – the project has seen 4,000 acres of new planting to date.

Felix Dennis passed away in 2014, but his vision to plant at least 300 acres of land each year is at the heart of all our future plans. We now manage 7,000 acres – including both new land for planting and beautiful, established and ancient woodland. With your help, we can continue to plant tomorrow’s great woodland and keep the vision alive and growing.

The Heart of England Forest