Boost your health with a Forest walk

Medical professionals have long advocated that a healthy body can lead to a healthy mind, but there’s really no need to enrol in a fancy gym or shell out for an expensive rowing machine when a regular wander in the woodland can be just the right prescription!

Meet the ‘Venus of the Woods’

For the second article in a series focusing on the fascinating trees and shrubs that occur in the Forest, this month we discover more about one of the most important tree species in the Forest; the ‘Venus of the Woods’.

Hurrah for the humble hawthorn

In a new series, we are highlighting some of the fascinating native species that grow across the Heart of England Forest and looking at each in a little more detail. First up is the unassuming hawthorn, perhaps one of the most under-appreciated members of the Forest family.

Help to ease winter woes for wildlife

Sitting by a roaring fire with hot cup of tea while winds rage and rain lashes down outside can leave one feeling cosy and snug, but it’s easy to forget that in the open air the local wildlife is engaged in a constant battle just to survive as the seasonal temperatures hit glacial lows.

All wrapped up for Christmas

It is well known that wildlife has an extraordinary ability to survive some of the harshest of conditions, but not all species are prepared to battle the winter elements. When the going gets tough, the tough sometimes go to sleep!