Hairstreak egg-citement

Have you ever seen a brown hairstreak? I mean the butterfly that is, and not the result of a close encounter with a seagull on your summer holidays! Very few people have; even devoted lepidopterists (a person who studies butterflies and moths) may go years without seeing one. For most people living in the Midlands, the brown hairstreak (Thecla betulae) is an exceptionally rare butterfly and is a UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority species for conservation due to its continued decline.

More space for trees

The Heart of England Forest is pleased to announce the acquisition of two new parcels of land located at Arrow and Newnham, enabling the charity to continue to grow England’s largest new native broadleaf Forest.

No worries at walkies time please

We are very sad to have received reports of sheep worrying in and around the Heart of England Forest in recent weeks. We love the fact that people enjoy using our Forest, and we welcome dogs and their responsible owners.

Destination volunteer

“Whether planting new saplings, or working with young established trees, it’s immensely fulfilling being a volunteer with the Heart of England Forest. You get to meet lots of interesting people, and the general working banter and chat with other volunteers makes for a wonderfully satisfying day.”

A new addition to the team

Everyone at the Heart of England Forest is excited to introduce you to the newest member of the team based at Forest HQ in Dorsington. Karen Hillier joined us in November and her role is to help to support and develop fundraising at the charity. As Fundraising Officer, she will be championing and supporting local corporate partnerships, as well as encouraging and developing new initiatives for communities and individuals to help raise funds for the benefit of the charity.