Stephen Coffey, Author at The Heart of England Forest

Winter in the forest – a birdwatcher’s guide

When you visit you will have the chance to spot some of the wide range of feathered friends, from the water-loving winged wonders around the forest’s wetland areas, to the more land-loving species elsewhere in the forest. Here’s our guide to just a few that you could look out for.

High rollers are a nasty nuisance

Some of the scariest pests that threaten their wellbeing are also some of the smallest. A common pest is the caterpillar of the Tortrix roller moth, also known as the oak leaf roller, which can cause extensive damage to young oak trees.

Helping cast seeds far and wide

We’ve all blown the fluffy seeds off a dandelion stalk, and many species rely on the blustery wind to carry their seeds to a new location. However, it’s the local wildlife that provides the most intriguing methods of transportation.

Why we love trees – the nitrogen cycle

Nitrogen is one of the most important elements on Earth, essential for the survival of all ecosystems, but it depends on a number of things to combine and make it useable. Among these, one is our favourite- trees!

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