Ash dieback – new hope for the future

When Ash Dieback was discovered in Britain four years ago, the future for the country’s Ash trees looked grim and, with over 200,000 planted in the Heart of England Forest, it seemed that their very survival was in peril. Now, though, there is new hope as scientists strive to halt it in its tracks.

Crowds turn out for the heroes and villains

Blessed with blazing sunshine, almost 700 people flocked to an exclusive open day at the Garden of Heroes and Villains in late May. The garden is only open to the public on rare occasions, but thanks to the extraordinary success of our most recent open day we plan to throw open the gates again on Saturday 6 August, and this time we’ll be joined by Hawkwise Falconry.

Orchids – a rare and special treat

Orchids come in all shapes, sizes and colours, usually with one or more flowers on a single stem or spike. There are around 50 wild species in Britain, and the Heart of England Forest is home to many, although they can be a challenge to find!

Counting the butterflies that flutter by

Idly watching a beautiful butterfly flit through the forest is one of life’s simple pleasures. Between 15 July and 7 August, we’re taking an even closer look at these graceful creatures and our environment as we support Butterfly Conservation’s Big Butterfly Count. We’d love it if you joined in!

The Heart of England Forest