Hop to it to spot frogs and toads

With spring now upon us, the Heart of England Forest’s population of frogs and toads are at their most visible as they embrace breeding season. It is a great time to spot both, but you’ll have to look carefully as they are often well camouflaged and will keep very still unless disturbed.

Elm – which is wych?

Anyone of a certain age will recall a very different landscape across Britain – one blessed with the unmistakeable shape of towering English elm trees, swaying resolutely in the breeze, seemingly indestructible.

Benefits of the blackthorn

It is perhaps understandable that the blackthorn has such a mixed reputation, as its face changes markedly throughout the year. As spring approaches, the blackthorn’s branches are briefly swathed in a dense covering of the most vibrant white blossom, giving it a joyous and benevolent facade. The winter sees its leaves turn yellow and fall off, leaving a stark and twisted black skeleton exposed. 

Bee Flies: Masters of Disguise

What do you get when you cross a bee, a hummingbird, a mosquito, a narwhal and a fly? The answer: a bee fly. Yes, it’s a real insect, living right under our noses. But you may not know it when you see it…

Boost your health with a Forest walk

Medical professionals have long advocated that a healthy body can lead to a healthy mind, but there’s really no need to enrol in a fancy gym or shell out for an expensive rowing machine when a regular wander in the woodland can be just the right prescription!