Fiver after Friday!

From May 6th 2017, the old £5 note ceases to become legal tender. The Bank of England estimates that there are still 150 million in circulation – 3 for every adult in the UK. Rather than leaving them under the mattress, why not donate your old £5 note and help us to grow England’s largest native woodland?


One £5 note could cover:

  • Planting and nurturing a new sapling for two years.

Two £5 notes could cover:

  • Managing a section of woodland to help us create better habitats for butterflies – a healthy woodland indicator.

Three £5 notes could cover:

  • An education session in the woodland to help a child to discover the value of nature.


Please check your purses, wallets and piggy banks and donate your old £5 notes to the Heart of England Forest. Bring them along to a forthcoming Heart of England Forest event, or contact us on 01789 778541 for details of how to get your old £5 note to us.


Be a part of this incredible vision – make a gift that will help plant trees, create wildlife habitats, educate and inspire children and so much more. Help us to grow tomorrow’s native forest.