Autumn walks in the Arboretum - The Heart of England Forest


The kaleidoscope of seasonal colours makes the Heart of England Forest Arboretum the perfect place for autumn walks. You’ll discover a diverse collection of trees and shrubs, and unlike those growing in the Forest not all are native broadleaf species.

A collection of over 600 trees and shrubs

Currently home to 639 trees and shrubs, Arboretum visitors will be greeted by a group of wingnuts and walnuts, before walking among a variety of limes, fir, spruce and service trees. Look out for the true service, a rare species in the UK.

Next up, two young giant redwoods are beginning to tower over the other trees in the area. Individual trees like the London plane and the holm oak are also scattered throughout the open ground, leading up to the wisteria and laburnum tunnel.

Discover delights around every corner

Continuing on the circular path, you’ll encounter maples, pines, cherry and larch. Nearby stands an English oak, known as Maggie’s London oak, grown from an acorn collected in London in 1987 after the great storm. Spot the weeping spruce that appears to grow more outwards than upwards!

At the most southerly end of the Arboretum are a cedar of Lebanon along with a deodar cedar and a pair of young monkey puzzles. In the most south westerly corner, a collection of various ash species grows, some of which are currently showing tolerance to ash dieback disease which is ravaging the countryside.

Further along the path there is a collection of alder trees, and two northern Chinese red birch with their peeling bark. Listen carefully when walking under the canopy of the aspen trees to hear the quiver of the leaves above.

Autumn walks – the perfect time to visit

The forestry team members undertake all the tree health surveys, mowing, strimming and pruning work in the Arboretum. They also maintain the network of paths which enable visitors to get close up to the trees to enjoy the impressive leaves, bark, and flowers.

Visit the Arboretum this autumn to take an exhilarating stroll around a corner of the Forest that is brimming with vibrant colours. Join a guided walk with Will, our Forestry Officer, on 19 October.

Wildlife in the Arboretum

In addition to the wide range of trees in the Arboretum, read our spotter’s guide to see what wildlife to look out for on your autumn walk.

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