carwow: Helping us plant a Forest 3 trees at a time… - The Heart of England Forest
is an online platform for buying new cars from franchise dealers. They remove the need for buyers to negotiate with car sellers as customers can choose the car they would like to buy, along with the various specifications and features, then receive offers direct from dealers.

A relatively new and innovative company founded in 2013, they now have more than 3 million users! Aware of the environmental impacts of their products carwow reached out to the Heart of England Forest to see how we could work together towards creating a greener future for the UK.

carwow were determined that their customers be at the heart of this partnership, engaging them in corporate social responsibility activities and giving them the opportunity to give back. They created an online reward journey to incentivise customers to leave a review of their carwow experience. In return for taking the time to share their review, customers can choose whether to receive a retail voucher or to donate 3 trees to the Heart of England Forest.


This partnership has grown in strength and carwow and their generous users have donated an amazing total of 5,175 trees over the past year!

Customer Service Manager, Tom Livesey says that ‘Partnering with Heart of England Forest has been nothing but a pleasure from the start and our customers have found the planting proposition a compelling alternative to our traditional rewards. Backed by a great team with an extraordinary vision, we look forward to achieving great things together in the future!’

We are so grateful to the team at carwow and their kind customers for supporting us towards our goal of planting a 30,000 acre broadleaf Forest – one tree at a time…or in this case 3!

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