Here at the Heart of England Forest we are always looking out for our birdlife, especially in wintertime when they can find food hard to come by. You, too, can do your bit by fashioning a simple but attractive Christmas wreath that doubles up as a magnet for hungry birds. You could even enlist the help of the family to collect the components.  Here’s how to make it…



1. Firstly, twist the twigs together to make a ring shape and fasten it with the garden wire

2. Next combine the lard, birdseed and breadcrumbs (or grated cheese) together in the bowl until you have a soft paste.

3. Squish the paste into the openings in the pine cones and decorate it with the fruit or nuts before attaching the cones to your wreath using more garden wire.

4. Finally, weave the holly sprigs into your wreath, attach more wire or a ribbon and fasten it onto a tree or garden fence outside a window – then sit back and watch as the birds tuck into their very own Christmas dinner. Look out especially for any blue tits, finches (particularly chaffinches) and blackbirds that will all be eager to snap up a free meal!

When the lard mix is running low it’s easy to replenish the cones and hey presto, you’ve provided instant ‘seconds’.




Remember, if you do make a wreath to feed your local bird population, we’d love to see the results – send us a picture through our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.


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