Footpath closures in the Forest - The Heart of England Forest


Providing access to the Forest via permissive footpaths is one of the ways we are able to open up the Forest to visitors. To allow people to enjoy the Forest 364 days a year, we need to close them for just one day.

Footpaths closed for 24 hours

This year all permissive paths will be closed on Thursday 5th December for 24 hours. We will also be closing the car parks on the same day at Barton, Giddings Wood, Coxmere Wood in Braggington and Noleham Wood near Long Marston.

Haydon Way car park and way marked route will remain open on this date. Public Rights of Way passing through any of the woodlands will be unaffected by this 24 hour closure.

We appreciate your support and understanding on this issue. A summary of the footpaths and car parks affected is listed below. Please do get in touch by email or phone if you have any questions.

If you are not familiar with all of our way marked routes then please visit the walks page on our website.

Heart of England Forest car parks closed on 5th December 2019:

  • Barton car park
  • Giddings Wood car park
  • Noleham Wood car park (near Long Marston)
  • Coxmere Wood car park (Braggington)

Woodland and farmland walks closed on 5th December 2019 (A-Z):

All Heart of England Forest woodlands and meadows in Barton, Dorsington, Pebworth, Long Marston and Studley. Including (but not limited to):

  • Barton Riverside Meadow
  • College Wood (excluding the public footpath access)
  • Dorothy’s Wood
  • Dorsington Wood
  • Brookside Cut
  • Colletts Wood
  • Coxmere Wood
  • Eddie’s Wood
  • Giddings Wood
  • Heart of England Forest Arboretum
  • Low Furrow Wood
  • Noleham Wood
  • Ralph’s Wood
  • Roberts Wood
  • Roman Field Wood
  • Spernal Park

The support we get from our Friends of the Forest is important to enable us to provide these facilities, along with donations made in the car parks, and of course with help from our volunteers.

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