Mapmakers on a mission - The Heart of England Forest

Here at the Heart of England Forest we appreciate all volunteers that come along and help out, and some really ‘go the extra mile’. A group of 20 who visited from national mapping agency Ordnance Survey for a team volunteer day are a good example……

Not only did these hardy helpers hop out of their beds at an early hour to travel to the forest from their Southampton base, leaving at 6am, but they also arrived on one of the hottest days of the year! The team immediately got stuck in to some arduous tree maintenance that included the important task of removing all the dead grass from around the bottom of the tree shelters. This allows sufficient light through to the growing saplings and is work that has to be undertaken by hand as the use of machinery may result in damage to the young trees.

Remarkably, the team managed to clear around 1,500 trees between them, earning themselves some well-earned rest and relaxation. After a short walk through the forest they visited the Founder’s Memorial before settling down for a barbecue picnic in the idyllic surroundings of the woodland.

Having discovered the work going on in the Heart of England Forest through their relationship with Dennis Maps, a company previously owned by forest founder Felix Dennis, Ordnance Survey were keen to get involved. Head of Procurement, Sanyalax Kelly, who organised the trip, told us that Ordnance Survey are eager to join us for more volunteering days in the future.

The Heart of England Forest’s Gary Kirkpatrick, who was their Team Leader for the day, praised the Ordnance Survey group for their hard work and dedication, saying

“I was really impressed with their attitude and enthusiasm on such a blisteringly hot day.”

You could Volunteer too!

We are always welcoming new volunteer here at Heart of England Forest. With your help we can be one step closer to planting England’s new native broadleaf forest. Find out more by clicking here. 

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