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The Heart of England Forest is a living, growing green legacy – a gift for the future that is already making a positive difference to the present. Generation after generation will benefit from commitment, vision and support given today.

Charity founder Felix Dennis holding a sapling

At the Heart of England Forest we understand the profound impact a legacy can make. Our founder, Felix Dennis, left the majority of his estate to the charity. His incredible gift has been specially designated to enable the charity to purchase and secure much of the land needed to reach our goal of creating the largest new native woodland in England.

With 3,900 acres already planted there’s plenty for people to enjoy right now, but our long-term goal is the creation and conservation of 30,000 acres of native woodland. To see what we’ve achieved so far, take a look at the forest timeline.

A Forest for future generations

Felix established the Heart of England Forest with a clear and vital aim – to turn back the clock on the last 150 years deforestation and to revitalise native woodland cover within the UK. Our founder’s vision and generosity has allowed this crucial work to begin and secured the long-term future for the charity.

However, to succeed and establish a Forest that’s secure for future generations, that provides multiple benefits to people, communities, wildlife and the environment, and to create a place that is open to anyone – we need your help.

You can help to create a thriving Forest for generations to come by leaving a gift in your Will for the Heart of England Forest. Your legacy will create a refuge from the modern world where people can rediscover nature and wildlife can flourish.

Leaving a lasting legacy

If you feel inspired by this important green mission or by Felix’s vision and would like to discuss leaving a legacy, please contact us on 01789 778541 or

We of course understand and respect that providing for family and friends comes first, but once you have looked after them you may choose to leave a gift to a charity and we can work with you to make sure that your contribution makes a real, lasting and tangible difference, in accordance with your wishes.

With your help, we will plant and protect tomorrow’s great native woodland and the result will transform the lives of millions of people for centuries to come.

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