McFarlane Telfer has been a dedicated friend of the Heart of England Forest since 2011.  Based in Berkshire and operating nationally, they provide catering and refrigeration maintenance to a wide variety of commercial clients including British Airways, the BBC and the National Trust.

Their company ethos puts ‘people, passion and purpose’ at its core and they are continually looking to improve their environmental performance.  There is even an in house ‘Green Team’ who regularly monitor and analyse their green credentials, identify new opportunities and check progress.

McFarlane Telfer initially identified working with the Heart of England Forest in order to make a positive contribution towards the impacts of carbon emissions created through their UK travel.  Whilst they have worked hard reduce the company carbon footprint, their business relies on the fleet of engineers and technicians who travel the South East and much of the UK to deliver support and maintenance to clients.

McFarlane Telfer is passionate about making a positive impact and proactive commitment to forests in the UK and we are looking forward to welcoming the staff in the New Year for a team planting day.

“6 years ago, McFarlane Telfer were looking around to find a way of carbon offsetting their business. They came across The Heart of England Forest and particularly liked the fact that the project was UK based, and the results could therefore be visible and tangible.

McFarlane Telfer calculates how much carbon they generate including commuting, engineers on the road in vans, and the energy costs of running the building. Heart of England Forest then calculate how many trees that equates to. We are really looking forward to getting stuck in with spades and to see the forest first hand.”

Chris Craggs, Chief Executive Officer

Our partnership has grown year on year and last month we were delighted to celebrate a significant milestone – together, we have been able to plant and nurture an incredible 5,000 trees!

Whilst the Heart of England Forest don’t offer any formal carbon offsetting or sell carbon credits, we can offer companies a tangible opportunity to give back in a positive and practical way.  Planting trees, creating new habitats, establishing a new national asset and incredible green legacy right in the heart of England.

If, like McFarlane Telfer, your company would like to explore how you can work with us to positively change the landscape and make England greener please do get in touch.

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