Vauxhall Wood: A ‘sign’ of commitment - The Heart of England Forest

Left to right: Denis Chick, Communications Director; Stephen Coffey, Head Forester; Ian Allen, Regulatory Affairs Manager

A valued partner of the Heart of England Forest since 2014, Vauxhall support the Forest through a number of initiatives, and last week we celebrated this flourishing partnership with a symbolic planting of the Vauxhall Wood sign.

On a bright and sunny September morning last week we welcomed Denis and Ian of Vauxhall to the Forest. In great anticipation of visiting the Vauxhall Wood we set off towards their very first planting area near our Middle Spernal site, Alcester. Having planted with the Heart of England Forest since 2014 the Vauxhall Wood is still fairly new and consists mainly of young saplings, however Ian was excited that “you can see some of the saplings starting to turn into trees” and is already “really looking forward to visiting the site next year, to see how the trees are growing”.

Vauxhall’s support is significant and it is so important for them to see the tangible difference they are making; together we are planting tomorrow’s great native woodland, creating a wonderful natural resource and future national asset.

Since 2014, Vauxhall have supported the Forest through an array of support including:

  • Becoming a founding partner of our 20% by 2020 initiative which aims to drive our mission forwards to the next significant milestone: 20% of our target size by 2020 – that’s a total of 6,000 acres!
  • Holding events at the Forest as a venue, raising awareness of, not only our cause but our unique event space and facilities
  • Funding the planting of just under 5,000 trees located in the Vauxhall Wood
  • Employee volunteering and engagement through their Green Griffin initiative as well as planning large planting days at the Forest
  • Going above and beyond by supporting our school transport fund

Our partnership has gone from strength to strength and Vauxhall are planning to plant a further 3,500 trees in the upcoming planting season, which will run November 2017 – March 2018. In addition, Vauxhall are planning another ‘big planting day’ just like last year, which saw 57 Vauxhall employees from Ellesmere Port and Luton support the planting of an incredible 5,000 trees in one day!

From everyone here at the Heart of England Forest, thank you Vauxhall for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in our upcoming planting season.

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