It’s no secret that we love our volunteers! After all, so much of our ongoing success is down to their hard work. What is it that they love about volunteering and why do they give up their valuable spare time to do it?

We tracked down some of the newer recruits and asked them to highlight what they love about helping out in the Heart of England Forest…

Pat – “I love to work outside in the natural environment”

There’s a common theme among their reasons for volunteering in the Heart of England Forest – the chance to get out into the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the woodland. As Pat says, “I volunteer to work outside in the natural environment and to make a difference by improving it. I also love meeting new people, too.”

Wildlife devotee, Pat’s favourite moments involve both fauna and flora. “Seeing the range of wildlife in the forest – deer, harvest mice, voles, buzzards, to name just a few! Plus a spindle tree with all its berries.  I had no idea we had such a spectacular native tree.”


Harry – “impressed with both the initiative and the experience”

Winding down towards retirement, Harry visited an open day at the Garden of Heroes and Villains. Liking what he saw, he requested information about volunteering and duly signed up, seeing it as the perfect way to take some exercise and visit parts of Warwickshire he had yet to explore. Harry enjoys the company of his fellow volunteers: “It feels good to be part of this enduring legacy,” he says.

Among Harry’s highlights during his regular sessions is the chance to whip out his camera and take a few snaps while he “wallows in the amazing autumnal colours and newly-found environments.”

Mike – “a love of the countryside and wanting to create new forest”

For Mike, the attraction is simple. He’d always loved the great outdoors and believes wholeheartedly in the philosophy of our founder (Felix Dennis) in wanting to plant the Heart of England Forest. As he and his colleagues embark on the new planting season, Mike’s favourite moment was “planting new young trees at Colletts Farm and the realisation that in the future hopefully what I have helped to do will bring completion of the forest that much closer.” Wise words indeed, Mike!


Jayne – “helping to conserve and enhance the natural environment”

Another volunteer who believes strongly in our founder’s initiative, Jayne says: “I believe in what Felix Dennis was and still is trying to achieve. It’s important to me to help conserve and enhance the natural environment and enable wildlife to survive in an ever-increasing suburban area.” Among the many thrilling sights Jayne has witnessed while volunteering was an encounter with an owl – during the day!


So, there it is – now you know some of the reasons why our happy band of volunteers are so passionate about their work and just some of the delights that await them when they help out at the Heart of England Forest. If you share their love of nature and have a few spare hours a week to join in, why not check out the web site or contact our Forest Ranger at volunteer@hoef.co.uk to find out a little more information – we’d love to hear from you!