On 4 August, we had our very first volunteering day here at the forest, and it could not have gone better!

All of our incredible volunteers arrived at 9.30am and began pulling up weeds in the nursery, helping to clear the ground in preparation for our seed sowing.

Led by our Head Forester, Stephen, the tall weeds were removed while the volunteers learned more about the forest and the types of plants and animals that live there.

The volunteers also got a chance to see our newly constructed barn in the nursery, which will soon be used to grade our saplings.

This process involves examining the saplings for damage, then separating out any that are unhealthy or too small to be planted.

More volunteering days are planned for the first and last Tuesday of the coming months.

You might actually meet some of our volunteers out and about in the forest, as they survey the footpaths and monitor how often they are being used. They may even ask some of you to fill out our survey so that we can find out how you are enjoying our forest.