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Finding your forest

The Heart of England Forest is at the start of its journey. We’re very excited to see the increasing number of visitors and those who have enjoyed the new woodland walks mapped out by our very own Head Forester, Stephen Coffey. And, with your support, our ambitions are growing with the Forest

The Forest stretches along the Warwickshire / Worcestershire border, taking in Shakespeare’s Forest of Arden and the ancient Forest of Feckenham, from south Birmingham to the north Cotswolds. It’s a beautiful and very special part of the world, rich in history and legends, rolling green countryside, rivers, and busy market towns.

Location information for our car parks

Please note: Morgrove Coppice car park will be closed from Monday 30th Nov for up to 9 days for completion of necessary entrance groundworks. Your nearest car park is Haydon Way Wood which is open as normal.

  • Haydon Way –  nearest postcode B80 7EX or what3words – ///fame.ocean.crop
  • Morgrove Coppice – Burford Lane, Spernal or what3words – ///
  • Dorothy’s Wood – nearest postcode B50 4NP or what3words – ///mush.apart.joke
  • Coxmere Wood – nearest postcode CV37 8BD or what3words – ///tiles.attic.format
  • Giddings Wood – nearest postcode CV37 8BQ or what3words – ///blubber.cunning.crows
  • Noleham Wood – nearest postcode CV37 8BQ or what3words – ///guilty.topics.muffin

What is what3words? It is an easy way to talk about location. Find out about what3words here.

Exploring the Forest

The Heart of England Forest’s mission is to restore and rebuild some of the lost ancient forest that meandered across this countryside. So far, we’ve planted 4,000 acres between Honeybourne to the south, Sheriffs Lench to the west and Spernal to the north. The Forest is very much alive and growing, and it’s a great time to visit and see new life emerging with each new season.

The best way to experience the Forest is to follow one of the waymarked walks. There are gentle one-and-a-half-mile strolls, perfect for families with young children. Or for a longer trail, follow our Founder’s Walk which is 4 miles – taking in stunning views across some of the newly planted woodland.

The Arboretum is found alongside the lower(east) side of Dorsington Wood where there is no onsite or nearby parking. It is accessible by foot and is found just off the Founder’s waymarked trail which starts at the Dorothy’s Wood car park (B50 4NP). Its location in relation to the trail is shown on the map found on the car park information board. It is also a similar distance walk from Coxmere Wood car park where you can join the public footpath that passes though Coxmere Wood from Welford-on-Avon to Dorsington, entering the Arboretum from Dorsington Wood as the village roadside gate is kept locked at all times.

At the Spernal end of the Forest, Haydon Way Wood offers public access and our first accessible trail can be found at Morgrove Coppice. Wild Wood hosts our school groups, providing somewhere to come and enjoy learning more about the natural world. And to have some proper fun in the woods!

Walking in the Forest

Not all areas of the Heart of England Forest offer permissive or public access, so please check out the woodland walks section below, where you can download maps of our woodlands with permissive footpath walks. Please note that all permissive footpaths in the Heart of England Forest are closed for 1 day each year. Footpaths closed on 1st December 2020.

Currently there are six car parks, offering off road parking at public access points into the Heart of England Forest. Donations are requested when using these parking facilities, which are closed at 5pm between October and March and 9pm from April to September. Our car parks may be closed at certain times due to adverse weather conditions. Please be aware that car parks will remain open through icy and winter conditions, however they will not be gritted or cleared of snow. The decision on whether to use the car park rests with the public.

Please respect our neighbours and use the car parks provided to access the Heart of England Forest. Please do not park on roadsides or verges, and also keep gateways clear to protect our roadside biodiversity and to ensure our gates are accessible at all times for us to access with agricultural and forestry vehicles and livestock.

Events in the Forest

With a wide variety of events running throughout the year from guided walks to workshops, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the Forest. Discover new areas of woodland, learn about the great outdoors and master new skills. Find out more about events in the Forest.

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