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The Heart of England Forest is at the start of its journey. We’re very excited to see the increasing number of visitors and those who have enjoyed the new woodland walks mapped out by our very own Head Forester, Stephen Coffey. And, with your support, our ambitions are growing with the forest!

The forest is mainly in South Warwickshire, stretching from the ancient borders of Shakespeare’s Forest of Arden south to the edge of the Vale of Evesham. It’s a beautiful and very special part of the world, rich in history and legends, rolling green countryside, rivers, canals and busy market towns.

The Heart of England Forest’s mission is to restore and rebuild some of the lost ancient forest that meandered across this countryside. So far, we’ve planted over 3,000 acres between Honeybourne to the south and the Spernal Estate to the north. The forest is very much alive and growing, and it’s a great time to visit and see new life emerging with each new season.

The best way to experience the forest is to follow one of the walks from our first car park at Barton. There’s a gentle one-and-a-half-mile stroll, perfect for families with young children. Or for a longer trail, follow our blue waymarked route which is 3.5 miles – taking in stunning views across some of the newly planted sites.

At the Spernal Estate, our school groups come to enjoy the Wild Wood and learn more about the natural world. And to have some proper fun in the woods!

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