Coxmere Wood - The Heart of England Forest

Coxmere Wood

Get walking in the Heart of England Forest

Come and explore Coxmere Wood in the Heart of England Forest. This easy-to-follow walk will take you to a pond home to many frogs, toads and dragonflies. You will also see a range of budding trees in your new native broadleaf forest – you’re bound to fall in love with it just like we have.

Explore the young saplings taking root in the Heart of England Forest.

Distance: 1.5 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Start / finish: Braggington Lane car park.
Nearest postcode: CV37 8BD
Terrain: Clearly marked woodland trail. Easy going – but can get muddy in the winter!

  1. Next to the car park is Melski’s Wood; a woodland dedicated to the wife of a supporter of the Heart of England Forest and planted in 2016. From the car park head south-west along the hedge. The first half of the walk is follows this boundary.
  2. With the hedge on the left, cross the bridge keeping between the fence and hedge. The woodland on your right was planted in 2015. Quite soon you’ll pass a small pond on the left, look out for frogs and dragonflies!
  3. You should now find a small group of mature but relatively short oak trees in front of you. There are not many hedgerow oak trees around Dorsington. Rarer still is the young self-set oak near these trees on the right hand side of the path.
  4. Carry on down the hedge for a few hundred metres, cross the public footpath and head into Coxmere Wood. The trees were planted in 2003.
  5. Keeping the hedge on your left you will spot prolific ash natural regeneration near the mature ash trees. Notice the incredible difference between the number of self-set ash and oak in the area, which highlight the regenerative qualities of each species; look carefully and you will see the occasional oak in amongst the ash.
  6. At Coxmere Coppice (a protected area, so please don’t wander off the path) bear to the right and after a short distance turn right at the sign back into the woodland along the wide ride up a slight gradient.
  7. This ride opens up at a cross ride (Coxmere Cross), head straight on up the slope and over the crest. Head out of Coxmere Wood and turn right for a short distance along the public footpath before turning left along a hedgerow, back into the 2015 planting.
  8. After about 200m head through the woodland out onto the main ride and head towards the hedge. Cross over the bridge and turn right through Melski’s Wood back to the car park.


 FROGS AND TOADS – Common frogs differ from Common toads with their smooth, moist skin, slightly longer back legs and more angular head and body shape.

DRAGONFLIES – There are at least 34 types of dragonfly in Britain and many are renowned for their striking colours. They are quick to colonise new ponds, especially shallow ones.

ASH TREES – Ash is the third most common tree in Britain and can live for up to 400 years. Currently ash in some areas of the UK are suffering from a disease called ash dieback – Unfortunately, this disease has affected some trees in your forest. We have notified the Forestry Commission who have been assessing the trees.

The Heart of England Forest