Giddings Wood - The Heart of England Forest

Giddings Wood

Get walking in the Heart of England Forest

Come and explore the Heart of England Forest by visiting one of our founder’s favourite parts Giddings Wood. Home to many owl boxes, see if you can spot any owls on this easy-to-follow walk – you’re bound to fall in love with it just like our founder did.

Giddings Wood was one of our founder’s favourite parts of the forest – follow in Felix’s footsteps and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Distance: 1.5 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Start / finish: Giddings wood carpark.
Nearest postcode: CV37 8BQ
Terrain: Clearly marked woodland trail. Easy going – but can get muddy in the winter!

  1. From the car park follow the way-marked route into the wood.
  2. After about 200m take the left fork.
  3. As you walk along this ride you might notice a holly bush on your left, so keep a look out for the red berries in the Autumn and Winter.
  4. At the next fork keep left.
  5. Another unusual sight in this wood are Small Leaved Lime trees with odd trunks at about 1m above ground level, you will see one next to the ride on the right as you walk up this ride. These deformities are caused by the lead shoot curling in the top of the tree shelter when it was young.
  6. This ride takes you to the edge of the woodland and meets an access track, here you head to the right and in front of you is Giddings Barn. As you approach the barn head left through a pedestrian gate into newly planted woodland.
  7. After a brief walk through the new planting head right, back toward Giddings Wood.
  8. At the fenced off grass habitat look out for an owl box in a semi mature ash tree. The grass habitat is specifically for owls to hunt small rodents. We keep the grass at different lengths to help them thrive here.
  9. Back into Giddings Wood. To the left is a bridge over Noleham Brook and the Heart of England Way footpath but we head right through a tunnel of blackthorn which is spreading from the hedge behind.
  10. At the next fork turn left towards Brookside Cut. At the sign stay in the woodland, heading right along the hedge for almost 200m. The path takes a sharp turn to the right and again you will see Giddings Barn in the distance.
  11. Where the ride opens up to a wider grassy area take the ride to the left. Maybe take a moment to sit on the bench and admire the view.
  12. At the next fork head to the left – then finally go left at the last fork in the route, joining the path back to the car park.


OWL BOXES – The forest is home to a large number of owl boxes – we’re working hard to try and bring more owls back to the area. If you’re luck you might even spot one of these beautiful birds!

BOLD BERRIES – If you’re walking in the forest over autumn or winter keep your eyes peeled for holly bushes; one of the few evergreens growing in the forest, they’ll be bursting with colour.

The Heart of England Forest