Morgrove Coppice - wild walk - The Heart of England Forest

Morgrove Coppice - wild walk


Get walking in the Heart of England Forest

Our wild walk takes you off the beaten track to explore the mature woodland and see the veteran oaks. Waterproof, sturdy footwear is a must for this more challenging Forest walk.

Walk through the ancient semi natural woodland (ASNW) and find veteran oaks, bluebells in the spring, and wildflowers and butterflies in the summer months.

Distance: 0.45 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Start / finish: Car park Burford Lane, Spernal
OS Grid Reference: SP 09905 62415
Terrain: Uneven, can be slippery, wellies when wet as gets very muddy.

  1. Access the Morgrove coppice car park from Burford lane. When entering the car park please park on the grassed half of the car park.
  2. To begin the walk head to the end of the car park furthest from the entrance where you will find the first waymarker.
  3. Following the path, you will reach a waymarked post with a bridge to the right, turn right and cross the bridge.
  4. The path will take you for a further 50 metres until you reach another gap in the hedge.
  5. Once through the gap, head diagonally left entering the mature woodland of Spernal Park. This area of Spernal Park is ASNW which means it has had continual forest cover since 1600. The wood is also home to veteran oak trees and many wildflowers.
  6. Walking along the path you will pass a large open ride to your right looking back up into the wood 6 . In the spring and summer months you will spot wildflowers and butterflies.
  7. Keep following the path as it snakes through the bottom of the wood. At the end of the path turn left down a short set of stairs exiting Spernal park. Looking across to the new plantation you will spot the waymarker ahead.
  8. Following the waymarker enter the woodland plantation. Follow the path diagonally left as it snakes through the plantation.
  9. At the end of the new plantation you will spot the next waymarker across the ride to your left.
  10. When you reach the waymarker you will find a bridge through the hedge. Cross this and either turn left to return to the car park or turn right to join the Morgrove Coppice accessible trail.
  11. Pick up directions from step 5 of the accessible route.


BLUEBELLS – Don’t miss the vibrant carpet of bluebells in spring. The presence of English bluebells can indicate an ancient woodland site – one that has existed continuously since at least 1600 AD.

VETERAN OAKS – Full of character and beauty, veteran oaks are rich in wildlife providing habitats to many birds, moss and lichens, fungi, and hundreds of different insects.

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