Christmas Tree-cycling
to help plant native broadleaf woodland

Donate today to secure a collection in the after christmas clear-up. Available to residents in CV37, B50 & GL55.

Let us help you tidy up after Christmas by collecting and recycling your real Christmas tree for you. Make your donation below and complete your details on the form that follows. We will contact you by email to confirm the collection and take any further details…then use your donation to plant and maintain broadleaf woodlands in the Heart of England Forest.

Your trees will be collected between 11th-13th of January. They must be accessible at the front or side of your property on these dates so our volunteers can take them without you being at home.

There is no set donation amount but there are some suggestions below with what your gift could enable us to do. We really appreciate your generous support. For any questions or to enquire about collections outside of CV37, B50 or GL55 please email us

£10 could…

help run our tree nursery where seeds are grown into saplings ready to plant in the Forest

£15 could…

help plant 5 trees and provide a stake and tube to protect them through their early years of growth

£25 could…

buy a tree planting spade for volunteers to use.

or choose your own amount: